Full Arduino Compatibile

We designed Connectino to be fully compatible with all Arduino Uno shields, so you can reuse your existing shields and easily port your projects to the Connectino. However, there is one restriction if you use the onboard Wifi module, shields using the UART on pins 0,1 cannot be used together with the WiFi module. If you do not use the WiFi module these pins are free to use.

Full WiFi Capability

Connectino can be set up to connect to an existing WiFi network. It also has a configurable access point for up to eight clients. For security reasons there is no routing between these these two interfaces, but you can connect multiple Connectinos to each other. That leads to the big advantage of being able to upload your Sketches via WiFi, without necessarily connect the USB to your computer. You won't need any line of code to configure the WiFi network, because you can do it all with the smartphone app or the web application instead. It is no problem to connect to networks with any up-to-date encryption standards.

Connectino App

Of course you can easily configure your Connectino by using the web interface with your computer. An even more comfortable way of doing so, is to use the smartphone app available for Android and iOS. The app is designed to support modular extensions for every application you can imagine. Add a remote control for your Connectino or show sensor data on a dashboard, a piece of cake with our modular app design. Every module consists of an icon, HTML page and Javascript and can easily be created. Additionally more apps exist for the Connectino: car Connectino, weather and more are on their way.

Full Connectivity

With the full capable network interface you can realize whatever network application you want. The ATmega communicates over the serial interface with the IoT controller which handles all the network communication. This way you can easily connect multiple Connectinos over virtual "wires" (Netcat). It is possible to send mails and messages and the Connectino is able to communicate with cloud applications via MQTT, HTTP(S), REST and Websockets. We already build some examples in the form of tutorials for Amazon Web Services, IBM Watson, MS Azure and Arrow Connect. It's also easy to connect smarthome services like Alexa and Google Nest.

Latest Security Technology

Connectino uses state of the art security mechanisms for the wireless network and internet access. Security technologies like WPA2 and TLS 1.2 are supported. The integrated HTTP server is secured by a configurable user access control management, where you can create different roles with different access rights. It is possible to add different client and server certificates and use HTTP Auth with challange response. Encrypted flash is supported as two-factor-authentication and JWT for even more security. That way it is also possible to create security based applications like electronic locks and access control systems.