FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect to the Connectino from the internet?

Yes, with port-forwarding you can control your Connectino from another network, our connect from everywhere tutorial will walk you through the most important steps. Take the necessary measures for security like changing the standard password as described in our Initial Setup.

How do I perform a factory reset on the IoT-Chip?

For a factory reset you can either press the RESET-Button on the board, or send the command send system factory over the USB-Interface, with e.g. the Arduino IDE’s Tools/”serial monitor”.

python.exe not found when uploading, even if python was installed

You will need to install the python-path into your system’s PATH. The easiest way would be restarting the installation, choosing Modify and enableing Add Python 3.X to PATH.

Can I use Arduino-shields on the Connectino?

In most cases yes, the Connectino works with ArduinosUno-compatible hardware.
There is one restriction addressing the serial ports (0,1), which are used from the IoT-Controller, so if you want to use them, you can’t use the network functionality. Additionally the first revision got two issues: you got 3V instead of 3V3 on one Pin, what can cause incompatibility with some (most shields still work with 3V) shields utilizing this voltage. The second issue is the ICSP-Port, that is rotated by 180 degree.

Can I connect to the Connectinos webUI with HTTPS?

Yes, the first time your browser will warn you that it does not know the provided certificate. Just follow the browsers instructions to add the certificate.

Is it possible to connect Connectinos to each other?

Yes, just use the network information (SSID and password) of the one Connectino’s access point for the other Connectino’s network connection as described in the Initial Setup.

How to get a debug output?

To get an arduino-like command line output you can use a UART-USB converter, with the SoftwareSerial library. You then just have to select the port of the converter in the Arduino IDE and can use this for debug outputs as usual.