the ultimate IoT enabled Arduino board

Our Vision

Our aim is to offer a new board which comes with a complete and unique communication solution
Complete Connectivity

To the cloud, apps, computers, board to board or anywhere in the web

Full wifi capability

All services from Bonjour to Websearches using any wifi network or building your own

Total shield compatibility

Use any shield for Arduino in combination with the Connectino, its the same old layout

Connectino App

Complete app for optimum control, easy to use and to expand upon for beginner and pro

Getting started on your Connectino: examples, setting up the board and everything you need to know

Who are we?

A small story about project and people

Connectino is a project of Sevenstax GmbH. In the summer of 2015 we decided to publish the results of our long tinkering sessions after work and make Connectino accesible to everyone around the globe.

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