Download Connectino's latest Software

Connectino firmware

This is the software for the IoT Chip. It includes all the connectivity functions to support numerous protocols used to communicate in networks as the webUI of the Connectino.

If you have a older revision of the Connectino (prior to August 2018 [Version 1.1.5]) you need to download and install the software package here before.

Connectino library

This library is used to easily address the IoT module from within your sketch. You will need it, when compiling sketches for the Connectino and it is tailored for the Arduino IDE. We recommend using the Arduino IDE internal package management as described in our Initial Setup instead of manually downloading and installing it from here, to always get the newest update as fast as possible.

Website Firmware Generator

The Website Firmware Generator is used to create a firmware file from a folder containing a website. Such a firmware file can be used to bring the website onto the Connectino. Even if this is called “firmware file” it will NOT change the Connectinos firmware, it will just replace or update the website.

Use the files as described in our tutorial . If you double-click the files you will get a warning from Windows Defender.