Digital Control

Control your Connectino remotely with the app or by using the website. You can send commands or data directly to your sketch. This opens a completely new field for your applications. You can even build a network with Connectinos exchanging data. Have a look at the tutorial sections to make your way into this field of application.

3.3 Advanced webside communication with Connectino

Abstract In this tutorial you will get some examples on how to send data from a website to the Connectino. We already explained how to get your webside onto the Connectino and how to communicate with the Connectino. So the following is an “expansion” to the HTML-Scripts from before. Requirements more…


1.8 Websites communicating with Connectino

Abstract We already explained how to get your website onto the Connectino in a previous tutorial. Now, in most cases you also want to communicate between the Sketch and the website you created. This tutorial will show you how to do exactly that, with an example as basic as possible. more…


1.2 Connect with your smartphone

You can also connect to the Connectino from your smartphone using our smartphone app. The “Connectino-App” app is available for free on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. Once it is installed connect your smartphone’s WLAN to the Connectino’s access point by using the password Connectino. more…


1.5 Control your Connectino from everywhere

Requirements To setup the Arduino IDE for Connectino please use our Initial Setup Get your public IP So at first you need to know the address, that refers to your gateway router from the internet, your public IP address. To get this just search for “What is my IP” with your more…


3.1 Control a remote car with Connectino

Abstract Today you will learn, how fast the communication to your Connectino can be. Our goal is to control a remote car with your smartphone over a WiFi connection. We already prepared an app so you just have to flash the sketch to your Connectino and get started. Requirements To more…