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The Webdesktop provides a powerful Ajax framework to build IoT web apps. This tutorial will show you how to get started with the Connectino Webdesktop. It will explain, what configurations and informations are provided and in which program – so called modules – you can access them.

What is the Webdesktop?

The Connectino Webdesktop is a web application for managing and monitoring IoT devices
that is created with an Ajax framework. Its user interface is very
similar to a desktop GUI, as desktop environments are well known user interfaces.
By using only standardized web technologies, like HTML and JavaScript,
Webdesktop is supported by all devices and platforms, that runs a web browser.
Thus IoT device managing and monitoring can be done on desktop computers, on
smartphones and many other kinds of mobile computers.
Creating new apps for the Webdesktop is very fast and easy, because it has a very modular

Wlan Infrastructure

This module is used to configure the wlan settings to connect to your local network. Just scan for your SSID and set password as usual.

BE AWARE!!! If you are already connected to your Connectino by another local network, your connection will be closed and you have to connect with the new network.

Device name

The device name is used to find the Connectino in your network without knowing its ip address. You should be able to access the webdesktop by typing connectino.local into your browser.

BE AWARE!!! If you change this name, your connection will be lost and you have to reaccess your Connectino with the new name.


The Wifi diagnosis module is used to get the informations of the current wifi connection of the Connectino.

Firmare Update

With the firmware update module you can update not only the firmware, but the webdesktop itself, as your own custom webdesktop.

HTTP client

Your Connectino can communicate to servers over the HTTP protocol. With this module you can change the server to connect to and you can test the connection, without always rewriting sketches.


So noone else can access your Connectino’s configuration, it is secured by a username and password. We strongly recommend changing those from the default (admin/admin).


With the setup module you can restart the Connectino, or restore the default configuration.

BE AWARE!!! If you restore the factory defaults, the connection of your Connectino to the local wlan will be undone too!


To provide multiple users different access to your Connectino, you can use the user management.

Wlan access point

With the wlan AP module you configure the Connectinos onboard wlan access point.

Device Info

The device info module will show you some information about the software and hardware, like MAC address and firmware version.

Device command API

The device command API is used to send commands from the webapplication directly to your Connectino. We will add a description of the full API later.

Arrow Connect

The Arrow Connect module can be used to configure a connection to the Arrow Connect platform to push data into your dashboard.


You can change the language of the Connectino webdesktop. At the moment the possible languages are english and german.


The mail module can be used to send emails from your Connectino.